10 years in the $2 billion advertising industry of Pakistan: Echo Digital

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“Let’s quit our jobs and start a company together”, said Hassan to Kumail as they wrapped up one of their usual meetings. Kumail was an account manager at a reputed multinational ad agency, and Hassan was his client, who worked in the financial sector.

Their decision to part ways from their jobs and start a venture together was taken nearly a decade ago. ECHO Digital was formed in 2012, the company now has a team of 55 employees and has worked with clients ranging from Pakola to Toyota in Pakistan.

As per the agency, their biggest client according to billings as of now is Toyota, providing services ranging from content creation to community management. The total market capitalization of the advertising industry in Pakistan is $2 billion and the market is dominated by two players Brainchild communications of Z2C limited at the number one spot followed by GroupM.

The agency mentions that one of its biggest competitors is Digitz which recently affiliated with the giant Publicis group subsidiary Digitas, another competitor that the spokesperson for the agency mentioned is Viral edge.

ECHO is a physical embodiment of the phrase ‘humble beginnings.’ This company scored its first clients by teaching them what likes are on Facebook and how marketing can be implemented on social media back when everyone viewed these platforms as dating portals.

ECHO comprised of a small team but their ambitions were limitless. Their journey started with working with some of the best local eateries to then expanding towards the FMCG industry, to working with giants from the insurance, e-commerce, and automobile industry to now establishing themselves internationally.

Almost every company’s downfall happens when they stop growing & evolving and ECHO refuses to ever fall prey to a mindset like that. Constant evolution and an incessant need for investing in not just their operations but also in their human capital is a trait that comes naturally to the people leading ECHO Digital.

The company has managed to sustain itself even during the COVID-19 pandemic and other stern challenges. This company was hiring and expanding its departments in the thick of the global pandemic while most agencies were letting go of their workforce.

Their key USP? No Discrimination. Be it clients or the people they hire. The team at ECHO is built purely based on talent. They went after clients regardless of the budgets they had, only considering the ambition they had as the key selector. The hunger was always to build a team of people with ambition who wanted the right platform for their growth and to work with partners who were hungry to be successful – that is the secret formula of this company. And it has paid off. In today’s day and age, it is incredible to see a true story of hard work like that of ECHO Digital.

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