Daraz launches its logistics arm in Pakistan

Daraz, Pakistan’s major eCommerce platform, has launched the country’s first automated smart distribution centers in Karachi and Lahore in collaboration with Cainiao Network (“Cainiao”), Alibaba Group’s logistics subsidiary. These would be one of the most technologically advanced logistics facilities in South Asia, as well as Cainiao’s first regionally integrated distribution warehouse network.

The distribution centers will be outfitted with cutting-edge smart technology like an automatic assembly line and a smart distribution system. Cainiao’s patented technologies, such as e-PLC, control algorithm, and WCS, will be used to assure operational quality and stability.

The facilities cover approximately 50,000 square meters and can process 428,400 orders each day. Cainiao has constructed hundreds of automated distribution centers of varied sizes in China, as well as ten smart distribution hubs in Europe, Asia, and America.

“We constantly innovate our operations and technology in Pakistan to continue scaling and enhancing our customer experience. Our partnership with Cainiao marks a milestone for not only us but Pakistan, as Daraz introduces smart technology in the country to bring more efficiency to our logistics. Launching our centers in Karachi and Lahore is a key step of this partnership, and we look forward to growing it in the future”. said Mr. Bjarke Mikkelsen, Daraz Group Chief Executive Officer, and Founder.

The event saw the attendance of corporate leaders who were given a tour of the facility by Ehsan Saya, Managing Director, Daraz Pakistan. Investment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and digital innovations were discussed as key benefits to the local economy during the visit.

“It is a very proud occasion for Daraz as we debut global best-in-class technology in Pakistan after months of hard work.” We believe that our relationship with Cainiao will be a game changer not only for us but for the entire ecosystem. These smart distribution centers will enhance Daraz’s sorting capacity by more than 4.2x and reduce manual errors by more than 90%, benefiting our entire business and increasing the customer experience.” Mr. Ahmed Tanveer, Chief Operating Officer of Daraz Pakistan, stated

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