i2i Ventures launches job board of its portfolio

A glimpse into the portfolio of i2i Ventures

i2i Ventures, a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage Pakistani startups recently launched another cohort of a job board featuring various opportunities in its portfolio companies.

A glimpse into the portfolio of i2i Ventures startups that are currently hiring:

Company DescriptionFoundersFunding($)StageIndustryFounding year
CreditBookUsing digital ledgers to track credit and expenses, CreditBook is working to accelerate digitization for small businesses in Pakistan.Hasib Malik, Hisham Adamjee, Iman Jamall$12.5 millionPre-series AFintech2020
Oraan Oraan is Pakistan’s first women-led, women-first fintech startup, creating alternative financial solutions to empower the underserved.Halimah Iqbal, Farwah Tapal$3 millionSeedFintech2018
AbhiAbhi is Pakistan’s first earned wage access and salary on-demand platform, providing different financial solutions for businesses.Ali Ladhubhai, Omair Ansari$19.125 millionSeries-AFintech2021
SafepaySafepay is a secure digital payment platform that empowers business owners with detailed transaction analysis and the ability to design custom payment APIs.Ziyad Parekh, Raza Naqvi$150k (Disclosed)SeedFintech2017
MetricMetric is a financial analytics and insights application geared toward startup founders without experience in finance and/or sufficient resources.Omar Parwez Khan, Meenah Tariq$900kPre-SeedFintech2021
EdkasaEdkasa works to reduce disparities in the availability of high-quality education by providing online tutoring services for Matric exams.Annum Sadiq, Fahad Tanveer$320kPre-SeedEd-Tech2017
TazahTazah works to improve the lives of producers, businesses, and consumers through the use of a tech-enabled operating system for Pakistan’s agriculture supply chain.Abrar Bajwa, Mohsin Zaka$6.5 millionPre-SeedAgritech2021
RiderRider is an e-commerce logistics service provider that offers services ranging from delivery operations to online customer insights.Salman Allana$5.4 millionSeedLogistics2019
ezBikeezBike an electric bike-sharing service launched by Roamer Technologies, allows users to access more sustainable and independent alternatives for transportation.
Mohammad Hadi, Ali Moeen Malik$1 millionPre-SeedMobility2020
Truck It InTruck It In is an application platform that empowers a wide range of key industries by providing vendors with detailed shipment insights.Raza Afzal, Haider Navid, Muhammad Sarmad Farooq$17.5 millionSeedFreight2020
DealCartDealCart is a group buying platform that provides underserved communities with access to affordable daily essential products in a gamified and interactive way.Haider Raza, Ammar Naveed $4.5 millionPre-SeedSocial Commerce2022
TelloTalkAs Pakistan’s first domestic messaging service, TelloTalk provides a wide variety of hyperlocalized and end-to-end encrypted communication services for Pakistani netizens.Shahbaz Ali Jamote, Adnan Lotia$1.6 millionSeedSocial Media 2017
3rd Party data- FP Insights (Funding amount mentioned is compiled figure of all the rounds)

The announcement of the job board was made on LinkedIn by Kalsoom Lakhani Co-Founder and GP at I2I Ventures. The initial cheque size of the VC firm ranges from $250k to $500k.

i2i Ventures also aims to help its portfolio companies in terms of fundraising, a strategy via its bench & network, hiring & talent optimization, and user insights via support from its sister company Invest2Innovate’s Insights team. The firm has made 17 investments in total since its launch in the Pakistani landscape according to various data sources.

“i2i Ventures will avoid investing in cash-burn startups,” said Misbah Naqvi, co-founder of i2i Ventures, during a panel discussion at the inaugural Happy Hour by Orbit Startups in Karachi. “We are sector agnostic and always look for disruptive opportunities early on. To me, it’s more about founder-market fit as it’s the leadership that navigates the startup out of the chaos in the early stages of building. Startups should focus more on retaining current users than increasing the burn on acquiring new users consistently.”

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