Instagram launches Ad monetization for Pakistani influencers

The traditional way to earn from Instagram for influencers in Pakistan has been through brand deals and sponsored posts. Instagram recently added an option for influencers and media companies to earn from advertisements on its platform.

You may check it out by going to your Instagram app’s settings. Simply navigate to Account > Branded content > Status. It will tell you here if you are eligible for monetization, which means you may use Instagram to earn money.

Because this is a server-side update, it should be available to everyone without the need to update the app. Millions of individuals in Pakistan use Instagram, and follow Pakistani influencers and Media companies.

Influencers and Media companies who are already popular should have no trouble getting work on the site. Even novices seeking to become influencers now have a compelling reason to get started on the project.

Instagram also made clear that all influencers are aware that their material must adhere to its monetization criteria to be eligible. Not all content suitable for Instagram is also suitable for monetization.

Another solution for influencers to monetize from has been solutions such as Z2C Limited-backed Walee technologies. As per analysis by Profit magazine in 2020 influencers with over 500k followers can make 500k rupees per post.

Source: Profit

As per Profit magazine an average influencer can make anywhere from 1.2 million to 2.5 rupees a year. As per the analysis women influencers tend to make more than double of what male influencers make in a year.

Source: Profit

Influencers have to be creative around how they monetize their brands for e.g Mina Salman, the founder of Bagallery was an influencer before starting Bagallery and using that audience to build a sustainable eCommerce startup.

Another influencer creating businesses on top of their audience include MrBeast who started a virtual restaurant with the help of Night Media. The influencer and digital media industry have yet to mature in Pakistan considering a population of more than 220 million there will be a huge demand for content.

Those with a unique model of earning revenue from every touchpoint and opportunity will succeed.

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