Google hosting an event on first-party data

Historical ways to target audiences are getting less dependable due to privacy-related shifts such as changes to user expectations, regulations, and platforms. Advertisers are looking for more reliable solutions to address their audience targeting needs.

Google has invited its Premier Partners such as Brainchild Communications Pakistan, Cox Media Group, ChannelAdvisor, Brainlabs, and many more to this event.

The importance of first party data, the value of growing a customer base that is signed in at all times due to a service or offering with multiple long-term use cases, the removal of third party cookies in the long run, and the growing importance of contextual targeting are among the reasons we at

In 2021, Brainchild Communications Pakistan worked with Oracle to create and launch a second party marketplace. Ranked in the 2020 RECMA media agency report as the largest media agency in Pakistan based on total revenue and revenue per employee, Brainchild Communications Pakistan created the second party marketplace as one of the many tools in our suite of solutions to pivot in a data-deprived world. 

“Behaviour-based online advertising has always relied on third party cookies which, by their function, track a consumer’s digital behaviours as indicators of intent, interest and future action,” said Farhan Khan, CEO of Brainchild Communications Pakistan in an op-ed with Warc. “The loss of third party cookies in 2023 means that advertisers and agencies will need to utilise segment-level targeting and contextual advertising using their own first party cookie data along with second party data marketplaces.

Join this Google session to learn more about Durable Audiences and First-Party Data solutions, including Customer Match, Optimized Targeting, and GA4 Audiences. Erman Sefer and Stefen Kyaw will be speakers.

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