A Startup Founder from KPK Launches – A Platform for Pakistani Mothers

Press Release

After one year in the making,, a startup specifically targeted at Pakistani mothers are working hard, preparing for its upcoming soft launch this weekend. 

Spearheaded by a bright young entrepreneur from Dera Ismail Khan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Bushra Latif, the young entrepreneur states that she came up with the idea of a platform for Pakistani mothers after witnessing her older sister and her friends’ struggles through motherhood. 

“I used to see them running around with two children – and a newborn baby in tow – with barely any time for herself,” states Bushra. “She was constantly anxious and consumed by guilt. It used to really affect me seeing her so physically and emotionally worn out all the time. There is also such a lack of accessibility for mothers in Dera Ismail Khan – families are lumped with the trouble of traveling to bigger cities to purchase child-specific products and apparel. I identified the need for a platform like in 2020 at the start of the lockdown and decided to just run with it to help other women like my sister.”

Functioning as a platform featuring a number of childcare products, goes one step further than just being an online marketplace. With immediate plans to launch animated videos to help parents care for their children, Bushra’s platform hopes to provide families with emotional support and cushioning during one the most beautiful, albeit challenging, chapters of their lives. 

“Our parents’ generation was very different compared to ours. We’ve seen, and we’re continuing to see, how the world is transitioning so rapidly what with the internet and the advancements in technology,” states the young entrepreneur. “Given that, parents today, particularly mothers, need a system, a safe space, to learn about motherhood, where they can deeply understand what it means to be a good mother and how to raise healthy, emotionally regulated children!”

Currently working out of the popular coworking space, COLABS, in Gulberg, Lahore, Bushra runs a team of seven. But it always wasn’t this way. In 2021 when the idea behind was germinating and slowly taking the route, the entrepreneur only had one team member on board and both of them wore multiple hats from marketing, research, HR, and more. It was an exhausting process, but exhilarating reveals Bushra. 

“I take pride in the fact that will soon be in a position to provide emotional support to mothers. There was a lot of thought behind the ethos of the brand and the name itself.’s Nani is a modern grandmother who is worldly, wise, plays bridge, is evolved, and knows exactly what’s happening in the world today. She’s not just a warm-hearted grandmother, but also the eternal nurturer, a compass for Pakistani mothers.”

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