Lahore based Pattern raises Six-Figure investment

Pattern, a Lahore-based startup has raised a Six-figure round led by Deosai Ventures, other investors in the round included Sabr Capital, Arbisoft, and strategic investors from Singapore, MENA, Europe, and the UK.

The startup was founded in early 2022 by Yahya Humayun, Syed Wajeeh Haider, Mahpara Pittafi, Samad Raza, and Talha Ayaz. Pattern’s platform digitalizes restaurants and allows them to acquire, keep, and enhance customer loyalty programs without having to pay hefty commission fees and set subscription costs.

Restaurants can utilize their fleet or third-party services offered on Pattern’s platform, restaurants may fulfill dine-in, takeout, and delivery requests utilizing Pattern’s technology. Additionally, it offers consumers customized loyalty and discount programs that take into account their preferences and usage trends.

Thousands of clients were served by more than 50 restaurants that Pattern quickly onboarded in Lahore after beginning its pilot phase. Shortly, Pattern wants to expand to other cities. By recruiting the best talent, the startup will use this financing to scale its technologies. It also has plans to increase business operations throughout Pakistan.

Delivery aggregators charge restaurants commissions of up to 40% on each order, which is unsustainable. According to Syed Wajeeh Haider, co-founder of Pattern, Pattern’s platform enables restaurants to own their customers’ data, operate loyalty promotions, and manage dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders on their terms without any subscription or exorbitant commission cost.

“In an age of generic discounts and subsidized delivery plays, Pattern is building a model that gives back control to the restaurants and immediately impacts their bottom line, while also saving money for the end user through custom loyalty programs,” said Shehryar Hydri, Managing Partner at Deosai Ventures.

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