Study: DAO PropTech ranks #1 in share of voice among blockchain-powered PropTech

Covering 45 earned media impressions for the fiscal year 2022 across podcasts and dot com interviews & features, a new study by Founder Pakistan sought to understand which blockchain-powered PropTech has the top share of voice (SOV) in the Pakistani market.

The study concluded that DAO PropTech had the highest SOV – at 80% – for the fiscal year 2022, indicating that the business has visionary storytelling and a strong grasp of the science of public relations.

A measure of the market your brand owns compared to your competitors; SOV acts as a gauge for your brand visibility and how much you dominate the conversation in your industry.

Per the T-Algorithm – the eight variables commonly found in companies worth a trillion dollars – SOV directly comes from visionary storytelling, which depends on an earned media-focused marketing strategy.

This data excludes owned and paid media in the form of social media and events.

And the preferred choice of media goes to the Dawn, Profit magazine, ProPakistani, Thought Behind Things podcast, and Express Tribune.

Data from Walee Enterprise shows that regulators valued the data in Express Tribune, Profit Magazine, and Dawn the most. This says plenty about the demographics of the key decision-makers.

During Q4 2021, xState dominated the conversations around shifting Pakistan away from being a rent-seeking economy. With $400 billion parked in real estate, the policies in Pakistan around owning non-utilized land erode the incentive around real estate development.

Shortly after an investigative report in Profit magazine covering xState, DAO PropTech, and FracEstate, the SECP issued a notice claiming that this form of real estate ownership was illegal. Following this, xState went into hibernation, while DAO PropTech went on the offensive by hiring Pakistan’s only CIPR-qualified public affairs firm, Z2C Limited.

It’s a lean team of four specialists from various communications backgrounds, one of whom is Pakistan’s only CIPR-certified practitioner. And the results are staggering. As a direct result of hiring a seasoned corporate communications firm, DAO PropTech went from having a 16% SOV in Q4 2021 to 80% in FY 2022, which covers Q3 2021 to Q2 2022.

The company and its founding team have appeared in international publications such as CoinTelegraph, Forbes, and Techround, and featured in video interviews with TCM, Thought Behind Things, and TV channels such as City42 Lahore and Capital TV.

This illustrates the importance of reaching the entire spectrum of the stakeholder map, with regulators led by executives predisposed to written media, whereas Gen Z is predisposed to employer branding on visual media, and audiences with disposable media prefer broadcast media. The most popular publications were Express Tribune and ProPakistani.

A breakdown of SOV research is below.

DateStoryPublicationDAO PropTechxStateFracEstate
31st Oct 2021How xState can help solve Pakistan’s economic problems?MediumFALSETRUEFALSE
1st Nov 2021How To Buy Plot In Islamabad for PKR 5000? Ft. XstateTBTFALSETRUEFALSE
8th Nov 2021Asif Khan interviewSF 101FALSETRUEFALSE
14th Nov 2021Is Pakistan ready for real estate tokenization?Profit MagazineTRUETRUETRUE
13th Dec 2021Xstate Opens Real Estate Investments for EveryoneProPakistaniFALSETRUEFALSE
18th Dec 2021SECP warns people against investing in fraudulent schemesDawnFALSETRUEFALSE
19th Jan 2022Expert Predictions on Business Funding in 2022TechRoundTRUEFALSEFALSE
26th Jan 2022Blockchain Can Turn Real Estate into the Next Cryptocurrency for the PublicProPakistaniTRUEFALSEFALSE
26th Jan 2022Will NFT trading go mainstream if introduced on Meta (FB)?CapitalTRUEFALSEFALSE
28th Jan 2022Why Are Cryptocurrency Prices Tanking?E-Crypto NewsTRUEFALSEFALSE
2nd Feb 2022Major crypto exchanges eye Asian market amid growing regulatory clarityCoinTelegraphTRUEFALSEFALSE
12th Feb 2022The Digital Economy in the 21st Century: Blockchain for Real EstateParadigm ShiftTRUEFALSEFALSE
13th Feb 2022The future of property in PakistanExpress TribuneTRUEFALSEFALSE
15th Feb 2022Predictions for PropTech in 2022TechRoundTRUEFALSEFALSE
20th Feb 2022The real estate opportunityDawnTRUEFALSEFALSE
21st Feb 2022Amna Homes Brings Premium Living To BahawalpurUrduPointTRUEFALSEFALSE
23rd Feb 2022Pakistan’s First Innovative PropTech Platform Expands TeamBrandSynarioTRUEFALSEFALSE
10th Mar 2022Shackleton’s Sunken Ship Resurfaces His Leadership LessonsForbesTRUEFALSEFALSE
11th Mar 2022The Digital Road To Property OwnershipTBTTRUEFALSEFALSE
14th Mar 2022Implications of Joe Biden’s Crypto Executive OrderE-Crypto NewsTRUEFALSEFALSE
14th Mar 2022Make sure your real estate investment is actually “Real”Daily PakistanTRUEFALSEFALSE
15th Mar 2022Recovering lost coins: The rise of crypto bounty huntingCurrencyTRUEFALSEFALSE
21st Mar 2022How hedge funds are tapping into a wealth of crypto opportunitiesHedgeweekTRUEFALSEFALSE
27th Mar 2022Don’t Weep for Lost CoinsETTRUEFALSEFALSE
27th Mar 2022Unregulated Crypto MarketETTRUEFALSEFALSE
1st Apr 2022The Many Uses of NFTsE-Crypto NewsTRUEFALSEFALSE
6th Apr 2022How this Startup is making Real Estate Affordable for every PakistaniTCMTRUEFALSEFALSE
8th Apr 2022Global implication’s of China’s digital yuanFPTRUEFALSEFALSE
13th Apr 2022PropTech platform initiates recruitment driveBRTRUEFALSEFALSE
14th Apr 2022Core Values: What They Are, and How to Implement ThemZenefitsTRUEFALSEFALSE
27th Apr 2022SECP makes high value illiquid assets accesible to smaller investorsSECPTRUETRUETRUE
7th May 2022PropTech aims to leverage all information to assist user: Haseeb MirzaDaily SpokesmanTRUEFALSEFALSE
1st May 2022Yearning for home sweet homeETTRUEFALSEFALSE
8th May 2022Can PayPal Coin alter the crypto landscape?ETTRUEFALSEFALSE
10th May 2022Haseeb Taj on City @ 10City42 LahoreTRUEFALSEFALSE
23rd May 2022Are Bazaar and Dastgyr capable of disrupting the construction value chain?FPTRUEFALSEFALSE
28th May 2022PropTech: the inevitable digitization of real estate in PakistanDaily PakistanTRUEFALSEFALSE
6th Jun 2022As VC funding dries up, can Pakistan create a DAO for fractional startup investment?FPTRUEFALSEFALSE
11th Jun 2022Co-founder DAO PropTech Awais Barlas on Digitalization of Real EstateCapital TVTRUEFALSEFALSE
24th Jun 2022DAO PropTech given Innovation Award 2022 by President AlviFinancial DailyTRUEFALSEFALSE
DAO PropTechxStateFracEstate

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DAO PropTech is growing and hiring for a new Growth & Strategy Manager.

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