Alphabet launches Google Career Certificates for Pakistan

Alphabet is three weeks from launching the Google Career Certificate for the Pakistani market. Since 2020, Grow with Google has equipped tens of thousands of Pakistanis with free access to training courses, tools, products, and programs. The American multinational technology company has continued its efforts to accelerate economic recovery by helping people find jobs, advance their careers, and grow their businesses.

The Google Career Certificates for Pakistan offer foundational knowledge in UX design, data analytics, and project management. While some are concerned that a six-month certificate would lead to a flood of talent and reduce the salaries & working conditions quality, others welcome the prospect of being certified to immigrate to technology jobs abroad.

Data from LinkedIn shows that there are currently 147 jobs that require knowledge in UX design, 141 jobs that require knowledge in data analytics, and 115 jobs that require knowledge in project management. With the growth of venture-capital-backed technology companies and the in-house production of software, the roles of designing user interfaces, managing software teams, and analyzing big data are all the more needed.

The official launch of Google Career Certificates is presented by Google, Ignite, and the Institute of Rural Management. At 11:45 am on the 22nd of September 2022, attendees will hear from experts on the brand new program designed to prepare Pakistanis in six months and plans on how Google intends to advance the digital workforce.

Interested participants in the Google Career Certificates for Pakistan can register via this survey link and tap the enable notifications on this YouTube live stream link. On the event day itself, you can simply tune in via YouTube.

Google is represented in the Pakistani market by direct sales representatives and leading media agencies. Earlier this year, it named Brainchild Communications Pakistan (BCP) its Google Premier Partner. According to the latest RECMA media agency ranking report, BCP is the largest media agency in Pakistan’s $2 billion advertising industry. This is due to its integrated technology strategy under Z2C Limited.

Through its direct sales representatives, Google is estimated to earn upwards of $150 million from Pakistan, for which it does not pay the sales tax due to local sales in Singapore. Market realities such as this and the lack of a local Google office create skepticism on the claimed economic impact and capitalization of an infrastructure it doesn’t service. It also draws criticism from watchdog groups that question is censorship level relationship with authoritarian regimes that may be imported.

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