Ecosystems don’t need to burn VC money to subsidise demand: explained

As first reported by Profit Magazine, Dukan. pk, an eCommerce enablement platform with over 500k+ downloads on the Google play store has decided to lay off 25% of its workforce to reduce its OPEX during the turbulent times when global venture-capital funding is near to the ground.

“Dukan is more than just a tool that lets you build a website, it’s a whole ecosystem with products that enable a better experience for the merchants.”, said Monis Rehman, CEO, and Founder of Dukan, while speaking to Founder Pakistan. Dukan in its journey to build an ecosystem for eCommerce faces competition from a variety of eCommerce enablement platforms.

These layoffs at Dukan are an austerity measure to keep moving further and build a business upon an idea, Layoffs are getting common in the Pakistani ecosystem as founders have to make tough decisions to survive specifically those who are not VC backed for e.g Dukan. 

Globally all the big tech players including Shopify and Meta to name a few have instigated a hiring freeze. Looking at the qCommerce players globally GoPuffGorillasJiffyGetir, and Zapp have all announced closures, shifts in strategy, or significant layoffs. In the Pakistani qCommerce sector the poster child for the nascent Pakistani ecosystem announced the closure of service- sources also tell Founder Pakistan, a consortium of Airlift investors are actively considering filing a case and going for a forensic audit against the management of the qCommerce giant that once shined in the volatile venture-backed ecosystem of Pakistan.


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